Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I've just come across a website that had me hooked for ages (well, my lunch break). Anorak love the outdoors, and their website proves it. They specialise in travel, camping and gardening accessories and seeing as I'm a big fan of camping, I'm always on the hunt for cool stuff that I can fill the tent/car up with! Really like their seagull coolbag. That would be perfect for my camping trip down to Dorset next weekend!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Down by the river

When I haven't got my head stuck in an anatomy book studying, or visiting friends, my weekends are now spent exploring the area where we live - wandering down to the Thames, catching a ferry over to the other side, getting lost in Richmond Park. Dan grew up around here when he was younger so knows the area pretty well so I love it when he takes me on some magical mystery tour and shows me little pockets of tranquillity. The latest discovery is Ham Polo Club. We walked past there the other day to find a match on in full swing. They have matches going on every Sunday throughout the summer so you can stroll in with your picnic and sit on the grass soaking up the atmosphere for just £2 (a must this summer I think).

A part of me wants to keep our weekend walk routes a secret but the more people come and visit, the more we want to share a bit of what we have on our doorstep. I'm sure the novelty wears off for most people living around here but I'm still amazed that you can find peace and quiet and think that you're a million miles away from London when you're actually in Zone 5!

I think I've finally found a slower pace of life, and I love it!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tea for Three

Last weekend we overindulged on afternoon tea at The Connaught in Mayfair, London to celebrate my Mum's 60th birthday. We sat in the Espelette room devouring sandwiches without crusts (what do they do with the crusts?!), amazing delicate cakes, scones with jam and clotted cream, whilst sipping pomegranate tea. This was then polished off with a sneaky gin and tonic in the hotel bar - very decadent!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The bench

We have a new piece of furniture in our garden - a fully functional bench that seats 2 comfortably! The 'bench' project started last weekend when we took a walk after dinner down to the park at the end of our road to watch the sunset (sounds romantic hey?!). We passed a skip on the way back (not so romantic) and just so happened to notice a couple of pieces of wood poking out amongst the rubble which we thought would be perfect for our garden rather than ending up at a tip! By Monday I was emailed a detailed drawing of the design, tuesday bolts and paint were ordered and delivered, Wednesday was spent sanding and building, and by Friday the finished product was standing proud in our garden to greet me when I got back home from work. Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit for this as it's become Dan's project from start to finish. I'm very proud of his handywork!! All I need to do is furnish it. I'm picturing a few cushions and a wool throw for chilly nights. Our new bench - perfect for relaxing, sipping mint tea and reading a good book!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Add it to the list

I have a list. It grows day by day. Things get crossed off now and again, but this list is mainly of things I'd like to have (in an ideal world of course), small or large, random or essential. Making a new entry on the list are these screen printed canvas bags which I spotted in the Stylist magazine that I was reading on the bus this morning. Perfect for shopping or stuffing my pilates gear in. Next up are these beautiful vases which would look quite nice on top of my fireplace I think. Anyway enough window shopping, I'm off to plan my outfit for this Friday - afternoon tea in Mayfair darling!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Ice and a slice

It's hot in the city today and whilst I'm stuck in the office I'm wishing that I was at home in my garden drinking some homemade lemonade (current summer craving!) served from these very cool swing top bottles from Maxwell and Williams that have been on my 'to buy' list for quite a while.

photo by livingetc

Monday, 5 July 2010

Summer's here

Summer is here and so is my blog, horrah! After months of sneaking around at other people's blogs I thought I would have a go myself and share a little slice of my life with everyone. I know blogs have been around for a while now, so has growing your own veg, but somehow I've only just got round to embracing these things in life and now wondering why I haven't done this before. Anyway better late than never... welcome!