Thursday, 15 July 2010

The bench

We have a new piece of furniture in our garden - a fully functional bench that seats 2 comfortably! The 'bench' project started last weekend when we took a walk after dinner down to the park at the end of our road to watch the sunset (sounds romantic hey?!). We passed a skip on the way back (not so romantic) and just so happened to notice a couple of pieces of wood poking out amongst the rubble which we thought would be perfect for our garden rather than ending up at a tip! By Monday I was emailed a detailed drawing of the design, tuesday bolts and paint were ordered and delivered, Wednesday was spent sanding and building, and by Friday the finished product was standing proud in our garden to greet me when I got back home from work. Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit for this as it's become Dan's project from start to finish. I'm very proud of his handywork!! All I need to do is furnish it. I'm picturing a few cushions and a wool throw for chilly nights. Our new bench - perfect for relaxing, sipping mint tea and reading a good book!