Monday, 26 July 2010

Down by the river

When I haven't got my head stuck in an anatomy book studying, or visiting friends, my weekends are now spent exploring the area where we live - wandering down to the Thames, catching a ferry over to the other side, getting lost in Richmond Park. Dan grew up around here when he was younger so knows the area pretty well so I love it when he takes me on some magical mystery tour and shows me little pockets of tranquillity. The latest discovery is Ham Polo Club. We walked past there the other day to find a match on in full swing. They have matches going on every Sunday throughout the summer so you can stroll in with your picnic and sit on the grass soaking up the atmosphere for just £2 (a must this summer I think).

A part of me wants to keep our weekend walk routes a secret but the more people come and visit, the more we want to share a bit of what we have on our doorstep. I'm sure the novelty wears off for most people living around here but I'm still amazed that you can find peace and quiet and think that you're a million miles away from London when you're actually in Zone 5!

I think I've finally found a slower pace of life, and I love it!